Doing Good in the Neighborhood

Doing Good in the Neighborhood

Each week, The Peak will highlight an individual, group, business, or organization doing good deeds within the community. We are recognizing those who support the women, men, and children… who are volunteering their time to assist others that may be struggling.

Every Friday, Elise Valentine will chat with the person/s Doing Good in the Neighborhood!

This week we focus on The Greater Keene Rotaract Club and their “Send a Scarecrow” fundraiser! Join them in welcoming in fall and giving back to the community. It’s designed to be socially distanced, where you can send a “Russell and Sheryl scarecrow” to a loved one in the Keene area from the comfort of your own home. The proceeds of this event will benefit Rotaract’s local service projects which include work with Hundred Nights shelter and The Community Kitchen, among other non-profits.

Friday at 5:05pm Elise Valentine will chat with Beth Woods to hear more about The Greater Keene Rotaract Club’s “Send a Scarecrow” fundraiser.

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